Single Tooth Replacement with Implant

At Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry we know how frustrating, embarrassing, and difficult missing a tooth can be. Even if it is a back tooth that you lost, not having full function of your mouth can affect mood, self-esteem, and even your nutrition as chewing becomes a difficult task.

Our prosthodontists are here to help you regain full function of your mouth once again with single tooth replacement. We offer a variety of options to help you get the results that you desire. Whether you are a candidate for a dental bridge, prefer the look and feel of a dental implant, or just want partial dentures, our prosthodontists are here to help.


We offer a variety of options for patients that are either not good candidates for dental implants or that just are not ready for it. Dental bridges and dentures offer viable options to replace your missing tooth, making it easier for you to talk, smile, and eat in front of others.

A dental bridge uses the support of its surrounding teeth to remain in place. We typically place a crown on the surrounding teeth on either side of the missing tooth to provide strong support. We then replace the missing tooth with a single artificial tooth, bonding it to the crowns on either side. We then permanently put the bridge in place by cementing the crowns and artificial tooth together.

Partial dentures are another option you may try to replace a missing tooth. Partial dentures are not permanent; you remove them at night. Our prosthodontists ensure a custom fit so that the partial dentures look and feel like your real teeth. Partial dentures do not require surgery or any extensive dental work, but our prosthodontists work closely with you to ensure a proper fit to avoid any slipping that could cause issues with talking or eating.


The most viable and successful option that we offer is dental implants. After a thorough examination, our prosthodontists will make sure that your jawbone is strong enough to support the titanium screws that become the tooth’s ‘root.’ This is an important step because with a lack of strong jawbone, the titanium will not fuse, making it difficult to have a root for the implanted tooth.

After a few weeks of placement, the titanium fuses with your jawbone, becoming a natural part of your mouth. At this point, it is ready to accept the dental crown or permanent denture, keeping the tooth in place. There is no risk of slipping or discomfort with a dental implant, and it has the most aesthetic appeal.

Our prosthodontists have many years of experience with dental implants. We use today’s latest technology and techniques to give you the look and feel that you desire. We understand that missing a tooth is unpleasant in many ways. We work efficiently to restore your mouth to full function and beauty right away.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your missing tooth, or have questions about multiple dental implants, call Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry at (360) 456-1200 today. We look forward to helping you restore your smile once again!

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