Ceramic Veneers

At Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile. If your smile embarrasses you, it is easy to start isolating yourself, losing your self-esteem, and even becoming depressed. Our prosthodontists are here to help you avoid these issues by providing ceramic veneers to make your smile beautiful once again. We give you a reason to smile big.

Ceramic veneers are one of the least invasive dental procedures you can have done, and provides the greatest results. Our prosthodontists have extensive experience helping our patients create a smile that they love once again. Veneers are a great way to hide minor issues with teeth as well as to help prevent more serious issues from occurring down the road.


Ceramic veneers are often a great choice to fix minor chips or discolorations in teeth, but we also offer them to help hide gaps between teeth and fix uneven teeth. Our prosthodontists can help you decide if ceramic veneers would be a good option for any unsightly issues you face with your teeth. We want you to love your teeth and to be able to get that smile that you love in the most minimally invasive way possible.


Typically, we schedule two appointments with our office to get ceramic veneers. The first appointment is when we prepare the tooth or teeth for the veneers. We will have to remove some of the tooth’s enamel, but not as much as is necessary to place a crown. Our prosthodontists remove just enough enamel to make sure that the veneer fits on your tooth comfortably.

After we prepare the tooth, we will take impressions so the lab can create your custom ceramic veneer. After we take the impressions, we will provide your teeth with a temporary veneer. This is just to stay in place until we receive your custom veneer from the lab. Once your veneers are in, we can see you for your second appointment. At this appointment, we permanently place the veneer on your teeth. Our prosthodontists carefully shape the veneer so that you can comfortably talk, smile, and close your lips. We ensure 100% satisfaction with the look and feel of your veneers.

We love ceramic veneers because they look just like your regular teeth. No one has to know that you had any type of dental work done. Our prosthodontists ensure that the veneers match the shape and color of your existing teeth so that the only person that knows that something is different is you. Your teeth will still have the same function as before. If you had a chipped tooth or misaligned tooth, you may feel even better after the veneer fixes the issue for you.

If you are interested in learning more about how ceramic veneers can help correct your smile, call Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry at (360) 456-1200 today. Our staff will answer any questions that you have about ceramic veneers and set you with a consultation to start the process.

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