Many people already follow a rigorous dental hygiene routine at home. Every morning they brush after breakfast, and every evening they brush before bed. A visit to the dental chair is usually a preventative measure to ensure their teeth are operating at optimal capacity. At Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, we would like everyone to be able to enjoy excellent oral health and know of some ways to help you obtain it.


Even those who follow the most rudimentary of dental routines can appreciate the good that can come from it. Your teeth generally last longer. With a solid root and durable enamel, there should never be a reason for your tooth to loosen or fall out. You should be able to maintain the glow of health long into the golden years with your natural smile. Culinary aficionados can enjoy their favorite treats without having to give up crunchy, sticky, or especially chewy foods due to missing or uncomfortable teeth.

The act of using baking soda or a cleaning paste to brush residue from our mouths can be therapeutic for those who enjoy seeing results from their hard work. Having a confident smile can be one of the best forms of medicine for many people. Happiness and laughter can trigger hormones that give us a feel-good rush of endorphins, so who would not want to share?


At home, it is recommended you brush twice a day and after any meal that leaves your mouth feeling especially grimy. You should also floss regularly to remove food particles that could get stuck between your teeth. Many people find keeping plastic floss pics on hand can make the process of cleaning their mouth more convenient.

During your appointment, we will give you a thorough cleaning. This includes areas that you may not be able to readily access even with the use of a brush or floss, such as back molars. We also use a special type of pick to scrape the plaque underneath your gum line, which may be difficult for you to clean on your own.

While we are taking care of your mouth, we are also looking for signs of infection or irritation, and you might not be able to see. If there are problems, we want to be able to start treating them immediately. We may take x-rays if we have reason to be concerned. If there is anything we should know about, such as a hairline fracture or a cracked tooth, it is better to take care of it before it can become something more serious.

The field of dentistry is dedicated to the preservation of the mouth and the best ways to treat various issues that could be found. Cleanings can be the most important part of dental care because we can see what you cannot, and with regular visits, help you maintain healthy teeth for many years to come. If you would like to learn more information, please contact us here at Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry or call (360) 456-1200 to schedule an appointment.

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