Long Term Effects of Missing Teeth

When we are kids, losing teeth can be a coming-of-age reason to celebrate for each baby tooth that comes out, but as adults, there is seldom a fanfare and losing a permanent tooth is usually not a good thing. However, as long as it is not a critical tooth in the front where anybody could detect a loss or one that interferes with eating, many people may choose not to have the hole restored. Here at Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, if for some reason we have to remove a tooth from your mouth, we can ensure you that we will either graft it or have a backup plan prepared.


It should be celebrated for many grownups how many teeth they can maintain into the responsibility of adulthood. With parents to remind us at night to brush and to schedule regular dental visits, once we have moved out and have to take charge of ourselves, what happens to the oral hygiene then? Many may have had traumatic experiences by the more archaic methods in dentistry as kids, but these days most procedures are quick, painless, and modern, so there should be no reason to be anxious.

These days it is easy to access many sugary foods, from birthday cake to ice cream, and not many people are in the habit of bringing a toothbrush with them wherever they go. Once your teeth start to get a rather fuzzy sensation on the surface, that is a clear indication that bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth have found sugar and consumed it. The fuzz is what they leave behind after they have eaten. Plaque can build up quickly depending on how often you enjoy sweets and how rarely you brush afterward.

If the plaque is allowed to build up, it can irritate the tender gum tissue. If you notice bleeding after you brush, you could have gingivitis. This is a sign of significant bacterial accumulation in the affected area and should be removed as soon as your next appointment. In these early stages, it can be simple to prevent something like periodontal disease or even cancer by simply remembering to remove the residue from your mouth after every meal.


Once a tooth has fallen out, it should be restored as soon as possible. Without a root in the socket, the jawbone will resorb and compromise the structural strength of the surrounding teeth. In time, the teeth start to shift into the open hole, which may make them loose and cause them to come out.

Although many people would just as soon accept that dentures are much easier to take care of than the living tissue that is their permanent teeth, that could not be further from the truth. Without teeth in your mouth, the bone will continue to recede into itself, which may not only make it, so the dentures have to be replaced every several years, but also cause you physical discomfort as your facial structure reshapes itself to adjust to your oral degeneration.

It can be seen as a valuable asset to invest in a good toothbrush and some toothpaste to create habits that may keep your teeth securely in your mouth where they belong. Although the extent of damage might seem extreme, getting any dental care is better than receiving none. If you have any questions about what your options might be regarding missing teeth and are interested in scheduling an appointment, give us here at Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry a call at (360) 456-1200 where we will be happy to speak with you.

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