Even though they are both meant to replace missing teeth, there are many differences between dentures and overdentures. Structurally, overdentures are more reliable and stable. This is because regular dentures tend to move around when eating and could affect your chewing ability and speech. On the other hand, overdentures are supported by dental implants and can be held in place by a clip and bar. Here are other differences between dentures and overdentures.


As mentioned earlier, overdentures are structurally stable because dental implants support them. As a result, they don't slip. Overdentures are removable, just like regular dentures. However, they attach to implants when worn because they are made with faux teeth. In most cases, a tooth-supported overdenture will require around two implants. However, overdentures in the upper jaw will need more implants.

There are different types of overdentures you can choose from. The variety makes it possible for you to choose an overdenture that fits in your mouth perfectly. However, it is important to note that not everyone is a good candidate for overdentures. You must have sufficient bone tissue for a successful installation. Furthermore, healing from such procedures can take a few months.

Structurally, overdentures have a wide range of benefits compared to regular dentures. To begin with, overdentures are more comfortable than regular dentures. This is because they fit comfortably and stay put. With them, you won't experience regular slippages that can damage gum tissues. Furthermore, overdentures give you confidence because you won't have to worry about slips. This is prevented by the firm dental implants that hold them in position. With overdentures, you will also eat normally. They give you the freedom to enjoy a wide range of foods without sustaining damage.

As much as overdentures are advantageous, they demand high oral hygiene standards. Brushing is very important when wearing them. Visit our offices for more information on overdentures.

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