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Denture Stomatitis sounds like something serious, doesn't it? We've noticed that a lot of medical conditions sound serious until you explain them, and denture stomatitis is one of those conditions. This condition is not only easily treated, it is easy to prevent as well. If you wear dentures, you need to know about this condition and how to prevent it.


Dentures are replacement teeth that fit onto the top of your gums. Over 100 million Americans wear dentures every day. Dentures allow patients to eat and speak without a problem, and today's dentures are so good, most people can't tell you're even wearing them.


Denture stomatitis is a condition caused by Candida fungus. You may have heard of Candida fungus by another same, such as thrush or a yeast infection. All of these are caused by a Candida fungus.

There are signs of denture stomatitis that you may be able to recognize. The most obvious sign is that your gums are very red. The edges of your lips can also be red, and your tongue may have a white coating. That same coating could also be on the roof of your mouth, or in the back of your throat. If denture stomatitis isn't treated, it could make your gums very sore. It could also mean that your dentures don't fit as well either.

People are more likely to get denture stomatitis if they don't keep their dentures clean. It can also happen to people who take certain antibiotics or steroids. The best way to prevent denture stomatitis is to keep your mouth and your dentures clean. Be sure you continue to brush your gums and tongue twice a day, and soak your dentures to keep them clean.

If you have questions about your dentures, or you think you might have denture stomatitis, why not give us a call? We'd love to talk to you about dental hygiene with dentures.

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