Benefits of Removable Dentures

Millions of people are missing as few as one and as many as all of their teeth. Some may choose to continue their lives without concern towards missing teeth, while others prefer to have some semblance of a normal smile. Fortunately, through Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, we can help you discover the benefits that come from having prosthetic teeth.


Those who are missing only a few teeth may chalk it up to aging or lifestyle decisions when, in reality, there can be many factors that could cause a tooth to fall out. A tooth is secured in your mouth through a root which is embedded in your jaw. When the socket becomes compromised, the tooth may get loose and come out. If this is the case, bring the tooth to us so we may fix it. If it is lost or otherwise unable to be used, there are other ways to restore it.

One tooth may easily be replaced by a prosthetic crown held by a bridge. A bridge requires two healthy teeth on either side of the gap to secure the artificial tooth. Even with multiple teeth lost, you should be able to use a bridge to replace them. It is important to replace missing teeth so that the remaining natural teeth can stay secure in their place and potentially last for many more years even with teeth that are already missing.


For those who are missing all of their teeth, they may be able to restore their smiles. Many have already heard of dentures, which may bring up memories of their grandparents’ dental plates in glasses of water on the nightstand. Fortunately, with this era of modern technology, though many dentures are made similarly, there are more advanced techniques that could make it easier to wear dentures while also appearing more realistic.

Through impressions made of your mouth, we can custom-design your plates to fit your mouth perfectly. We can check the placement to ensure they feel comfortable. With removable dentures, you should be able to speak more clearly and enjoy the foods you used to love. Many people find they enjoy a boost of confidence with a smile that looks like the real thing. At the end of the day, yes, they do need to be in water because otherwise, they may warp, but caring for your dentures can be as easy as holding them in your hand to brush them clean, so you do not miss any spots.

Dentures can also help you to maintain your facial shape. The plates can keep your mouth straight and help prevent the issues that may come from having no teeth. Without dentures, not only may you appear much older than you really are, but you may also find new problems could develop, such as jaw pain or misalignment. With dentures, your mouth can contain the structure of teeth without having them, which can make them an ideal prosthetic for you.

Nobody has to be without the convenience of teeth. If you would like to learn more information about the benefits of removable dentures, please give us here at Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry a call at (360) 456-1200 to schedule an appointment.

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