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Diagram of All-on-4 Treatment ConceptAt Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are proud to offer the All-on-4 Treatment Concept for our patients. If the process of getting multiple dental implants overwhelms you because of the amount of time it takes, and a single dental implant isn't enough to solve the problem, you may be the perfect candidate for the All-on-4 Treatment Concept for your tooth replacement. Our prosthodontists are experienced and knowledgeable about how the process works. We have helped hundreds of patients get the smile back that they lost with this great one-day procedure.

The All-on-4 Treatment Concept makes it possible to get dental implants and new teeth in one appointment. This is much different from the months and several appointments it can take to complete the dental implant procedure. Many of our patients prefer this procedure so that they do not have to go through the discomfort and embarrassment of missing teeth for months or even years.

How the All-on-4 Treatment Concept Works

Our process for the All-on-4 Treatment Concept is a simple one. We start with a complete examination of your mouth, including 3D x-rays. This gives us a full view of your mouth so that we can decide exactly where the four implants will go for proper placement of your artificial teeth. If you need implants on the top and bottom arch, you will have a total of eight implants.

During the exam, our prosthodontists will evaluate your bone structure, the health of your gums, and the proper spacing of the implants for the best fit for your artificial teeth. We will carefully decide where to place the implants for the most comfortable and functional fit of your artificial teeth. Once we place the implants, the titanium begins to fuse with your natural bone.

Once the titanium roots are in place, we are immediately able to fit you with your new teeth even while you are still sedated. This means you go to sleep with missing teeth and wake up with a new, beautiful smile. Our prosthodontists ensure a great fit and make sure that you are comfortable with how the teeth look and feel upon waking. Once you leave, you will feel like you have a new lease on life because you will have teeth that look and feel real – no one will know the difference.

Who is a Good Candidate for the All-on-4 Treatment Concept?

At our office, we see patients of all ages that have missing teeth. You do not to be a certain age to be a good candidate for the All-on-4 treatment, but you do need to have good bone structure and good overall oral health. The patients that are not the best candidates for the procedure are those that need bone grafting to enhance their jawbone or patients with extensive gum disease. You can trust that our experienced prosthodontists will make sure you are a good candidate before suggesting this efficient procedure.
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Call Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry today at (360) 339-4944 to learn more about the All-on-4 Treatment Concept to see if it is a good option to help you replace your missing teeth.

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At Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are proud to offer the All-on-4 Treatment Concept for our patients. Give us a call to learn more: (360) 339-4944.
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