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Tips to Stop Denture Sores Before They Start

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry
Tips to Stop Denture Sores Before They StartDo not wait for your dentures to rub sores on your gums before doing anything about the problem. Sometimes, dentures can become loose and rub blisters and sores onto your gums. If your dentures do not feel like they fit right, you will need to contact our Prosthodontic staff for an adjustment now.

Why Dentures May Loosen Over Time

While your dentures may fit when you first get them, they may loosen over time because of a process known as ridge resorption. When this happens, it can affect how your dentures fit or feel in your mouth. As people age, their gum shrinks and they lose bone after they have their teeth removed. Therefore, their dentures may fit great at first, but may need a realignment after some time. When you delay having an adjustment made, you can develop sores and blisters in your mouth.

What Types of Adjustments Are Made?

When we reline dentures to improve the fit, we either use a soft reline or hard reline to enhance how the denture fits inside the mouth and over the ridge of the gum. Usually, we recommend a soft reline for a more comfortable fitting denture. While you usually have to visit us more often to have your dentures adjusted, it will be more comfortable to speak, eat, or chew. A hard reline lasts longer than a soft reline. However, the fit is not as comfortable.

If you already have developed some sores from wearing your dentures, give us a call today to make the needed adjustments. You can reach us easily by phone or online. Don't make wearing dentures a burden. Make sure you contact our team of Prosthodontic professionals to schedule a realignment and an exam. Call our office and tell us why you feel you have developed sores or similar lesions. We can easily accommodate your schedule so you can see us after work or at another time that works for you.

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